Thursday, February 28, 2013

Budget Declaration's (Realtime) After-effects

Engineering students:
Action: Generating 'What the Govt thinks the budget will do, what people think the budget will do, what the budget actually does' posts and posting them on facebook/Twitter/MemeGenerator.
Conclusion: May be I'll start caring about this once I join the software company completely unrelated with the myth of my academically intellectual being spilled over sheets of paper every semester.

CA Aspirants:

Action: Listen carefully to the entire talk(As they say in Marathi, "Kaanat jeev aanun aikne") with rapt attention.
Conclusion: May be I'll understand it after clearing the finals.

Common man:
Action: Searching the TV channel most tolerable, where more number of speakers use less finance terminology that will let me understand how the budget will affect my life.
Conclusion: After listening to the uninteresting talk, I have come to the conclusion that it's better to assume the economy is pretty fucked up and move on with my daily monotonous routine.

Action: Rants about "You're in front of the TV the whole day! If you cared so much about our money, rather than the nation's may be we would have had a reason to worry about the tax benefits for income beyond 5lpa by now!"
Conclusion: I am talking to the air. As usual.

Corporate slaves:
Action: Hear, try to comprehend what the words mean as long as your knowledge of Investopedia/ET permits, avoid listening when it starts causing headache.
Conclusion: When there'll be a discussion in the office about it, I'll side with the winning team.

WhatsApp Groups:
Commerce geeks: Guys, was glued to the budget talks all the day! Nobody here is working, and we have live TV streaming here in office to catch all the discussions! This is SO AWESOME!
One of the others: Wow, really! What are your views about it..?
Others, except the OneOh phuck! NO!!!  Yes, we'll be glad to know. (Add files>WhatsApp Smilies>'Bitch please' trollface>send)

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