Thursday, February 21, 2013

The 4th Seat


I thank thee, O humble citizen sitting near the window..
for a millimeter's shift after your cumbersome efforts
coupled with expressions that seem to ruin your sweet face even more,
I've been rewarded with in response to my plea,
has showered me with the comfort of 1/5th of this 4th seat.

It is my foul head's felony
to get hit by your perfectly placed elbow,
O aunty boarding the train at Dombivli,
pardon my body for being opaque yet unnoticeable.

Aren't you chirpy, young lady swearing at the lady of your mother's age!
Sure your foot doesn't deserve the local's floor,
thee shalt let it rest on my tiniest finger.
Look! How ignorant of me to think I even need to tell!

O fella standing in front of me,
it is the fortune of the curve between my neck and shoulder,
the only thing well designed in human race
that flew into my socially awkward being,
to get the feeling of completeness
when your bag rests peacefully on it,
slapping my arrogance of traveling in your presence.

Hell Columbus, laugh at you pitiful creature!
for missing this locale breathtaking voyage.
We're the sailors of 7 stations,
on every dawn doomed upon us..
haha! Riding through the ocean of people, time and hunger.


  1. Very well!!
    The name of my blog is the 4th seat.

  2. _/\_
    I just loved this one!!!
    Beautiful sarcasm !
    I would like to share this poem. I hope it should be okay

  3. Thanks for the praise. Feel free to share any post :)