Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Rabbit and The Lion

Long long ago, there lived a rabbit in a jungle who loved adventures and challenges. The rabbit knew well of his capabilities and better of his limits.

Once whilst walking towards the hilltop, the rabbit started feeling thirsty. He stopped at the river for some water, and there came across him, the King of the jungle Leo, in flesh! With an enormous golden mane adorning this giant of a lion, the rabbit got shit scared and found himself rooted on the spot. Leo noticed the tiny animal on his road and said, "Hello my friend, would you like a ride if we're both heading towards the hilltop?" Taken aback by the question as he was, the rabbit felt intimidated by the offer. Riding a lion was above the boldest of his dreams, and yet, it meant a constant fear of death. But the brave rabbit collected his courage and concentrated his mind to think more wisely. 'If I say yes, I may die once we reach the top if Leo starts feeling hungry. But what if I refuse the King, now..?' the rabbit thought. Politely, the rabbit told Leo,"I promise, I will not be very tasty."

The lion and the rabbit are to begin their journey at the end of this very month.

Moral: You can disappoint anyone by not telling the climax.

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