Thursday, April 5, 2012

Imprints of a smile - 3

I'm revisiting the 'Imprints of a smile' patches after a long time today. This is a very personal post about numerous instances of the same smile. It is about the smile 'only' Sonal, my best friend from RAIT bears whenever 'only' the two of us are talking and I say something to which her 'only' reply is world's most understanding look and a smiling head oscillating from right to left, 3 times through 35 degrees. The smile is a silent expression saying, "you're such an iddo, mi kitti olakhte tula!", in a way that no words can ever explain. The 'only's in my description sure tell you that it's exclusive, yet I'm sure everyone who reads this, finds a friend of their own, in our shared conversations, to whom he/she tells EVERYTHING and knows their reaction too!

Our first fight was a cold war. I was in a struggling phase to save my clinging-on-a-thread relationship back then and idiot as I am, I don't share my problems too soon. Well, the breaking story reflected on my work and Sonal had to work more to compensate, which resulted in misunderstandings between us. 

On the positive side, I am good with acting, but not with improvisation! Meaning, my face tells almost everything (which is basically why I avoid difficult conversations in person) and Sonal came to know that I was broken. As much as she knew me, she knew what it meant to me, and we started to talk about what happened in one of our practicals.. I told her everything and in the end, I said, "this is so tough to deal with! It's better you're single I'm telling you Sona, mark my words!" 

And then after a pause I said, "okay, chal, rewind. Being single sucks!" And Sonal gives that smile for the first time.

We have 2 of our subject submissions and I enter the classroom. I ask everyone, "who's taking file right now?" And Sonal starts to give me 1761th instruction: "PMRC ghetey. printouts anlyas ka?"
"Ho ga bai! Sona, what'll I do without you?! "
"Te mahitiye. 
I got your assignment and test paper corrected from ma'am. Add it to your file. And where's your file?!"
"shit! I forgot it at the Xerox shop! Ata..?!"
*smiles* "ata ja, pala, ani aana files dukanatun!"

Almost two years after the 1st scene, a (let's say,) minor heartbreak occured again. Me and Sonal were sitting at the bus stop outside my college for around 2 hours, saying, "yeh jaane de, next bus se jaate hai" after every bus.

So as girls do, I told her everything and I said, "see, what's wrong is, nothing's wrong. Mi ekdum normal ahe. Chalta hai, hota hai mhantey. Bas issue itna faila pada hai khali fokat.. arrey, sochke and understand kar karke I'm tired now chaila, nothing gets solved! I mean, 'what did I do so wrong' ke aage badaaaa sa question mark lagaye baithi hu. Plus, there's no point if I keep thinking about this. That's it. I know I should just say Alt+F4 and end process whenever this thought comes to my mind. I'll project my brain somewhere else.. thinking of writing a new blog now. IEEE website almost ready hot alichche.. Also, wall decorate karaychi ahe, write ups pile up honya aadhi.. barach kahi ahe mhana mind occupy karayla!"

Sonal says,"hmmm. Tu laakh kaama angavar gheun sagli karshil, I've seen you do that before. Pan as long as you don't fixate your mind on moving on, you're not gonna, do any number of things you want."

I reply, "I know..  Shappath I'm try karing.. but khara sangu ka, chaila asa ved ahe yaar, 'kaltay pan valat nai' zalay!"

.. and Sonal does the patent smiley headshake.

Miscellaneous scenes:
Me: "Mi kinai, palun jaun lagna karnare! Dhammal na!"
Sonal: *smiles*

Me and Tejashree going crazy and cracking 'ashleel'lest jokes over something Sneha says by mistake. I'm like, "Sonal la kalala vatta joke! Progress! " and Sonal is smiling again!

Even on the phone if I say, "let's do one thing! I'll come and join Infy with you, instead of JP! We'll have so much fun, just imagine!" I know she's giving the same smile at the other end of the line.

Now, after reading all this#1:
This girl is going to effing cry and say, "Love you, manda!" (It's okay when girls do that. :P)

Now, after reading all this#2:
You might start thinking Sonal is so mature and Triveni is a vedi vedi muggi, but don't be under a biased impression. We're on role-reversals depending on time and situation.

Now, after reading all this#3:
It's a very senti post and one might mistake it to be a way I'm showcasing what great friends we are. To be clear, It is not. I am of the opinion that one should always express the sweetest things to someone who means a lot to them without hesitation.

Love you, bachcha! 


  1. Love u dear.. Can't stop smiling.. :) We only know all stories behind each & every line.. ;)
    <3 <3 <3

  2. wow wow wow! luvd it 2 d core... sonal *smile*
    i lykd k line " v r on role reversal" its soooo v. true