Friday, March 23, 2012


"He planted that doubt in your head. That little nagging sensation you're gonna have to be strong to resist.. you can't kill an idea, can you? Not once it's made a home.. there."

Sherlock Holmes season 2 finale connected me to Inception. The way Mal was possessed by the idea of still being in a dream depicts how awfully one's conscience may surrender to a thought. "You're waiting for a train. A train that will take you far away." An idea once incepted spreads like a chain reaction covering one's entire perimeter of logic. "An idea is like a virus. Resilient. Highly contagious. And even the smallest seed of an idea can grow. It can grow to define or destroy you."

There was this line in our 10th standard Marathi textbook, Swatantryavir Sawarkar and his brother were kept in a cellar with retarded prisoners and he says, "Kon vede? Te vede, ki amhi? Tyanna je disat ahe, vatat ahe, tyalach te satya manat ahet. Amchyasarkhech." ("Who are the retards, them or us? They believe in what they are visualizing and feeling, just like us.")
Dreams feel real. Only the sane ones who were not dreaming realize that it was a delusion. Such kind of inception and devotion to a thought is necessary when one has to achieve an ambition so high. The belief in it's existence even in current reality is also said to set a positive vibration in the universe, thus getting you closer to bringing a dream into reality. Looking at a Swatantra Bharat, living in a Swatantra Bharat was a dream our freedom warriors lived, breathed and that made an imaginery impression on their path which made their dream more true. A positive idea can deflect the negativity of a situation just how the Dhongi Baba's fake medicine heals a disguised heart attack that follows a snakebite.

In a tangential point, hope and memories both play the same tricks with mind. They capture our practical thinking and leave us suspended in quite a lot of situations where we need to remind ourselves about the reality. A strong hope can be misleading. A memory deep inside your heart can be a painful dementor. It does walk you through on the road of finding the reality deceptive and the scene nurtured by your hope more possible. Doubt is evil, but a necessary one. Without a reality check, our mind would be a real troublemaker.

Although dilemma is an undesirable situation, the condition of being taken by an idea so deep may result in rigid beliefs. Stability is important, so is determination. But it can mar the scope for newness, a chance for some different shade of the idea. Like water that has been stagnant over a long period of time the same direction of thought process introduces a kind of monotone. Without a new melody, the same song stuck in your head becomes undesirable after sometime, the need for a little twist is always invited for a good listening experience. If we stay stuck with the same ideology all the while, we involuntarily may end up closing doors for a doubt, thus never allowing a benefit it may have brought along to enter.

On personal note, I am always very confident about what I feel possible and I do not fear to follow my heart at such times. But to become a better person I need to stay alive first, thus I remind myself, "do believe in what you feel right. Dream, and put efforts to make your dream come true. Be possessed by what fascinates your mind and do not fear to admit it. But always keep a track of the reality. Neither hope nor hopelessness is bigger an entity than your own."

On a weird note, I have started to think if mind can travel in time. But then too, how much to travel to reach a point after the kick would be unknown.
I should sleep.

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