Monday, April 9, 2012


Study and slog writing assignments inside the same room, without AC, watching 'How I Met Your Mother'-esque agony-aunt-written sitcom for a whole day, not because you want to, but because you have to.


1. Honesty is not the best policy
This is one policy that ensures nothing. It leaves you with uncertainty about how your honesty will be observed through others' specs.
2. Frank was the name of a dead person, just before he died
Straightforward, frank remark and expressions were to be rated forbidden, before the creators decided to have a li'l entertainment by trolling people's minds.
3. Bitter is the new popular
 That's why I get fed up of Twitter after some time (well, also because of less followership, but let's not get into that). Bitching and cursing refreshes mind for some may be. My head is old enough to not like that may be. Or may be I found this as a decorative reason to accept that I'm not that into bitterness.
4. Wisdom is a curse
I learnt in school that there are 3 kinds of intelligence.
1. Pradnya: The intelligence to absorb quickly.

2. Medha: The intelligence to retain what you learn.
3. Pratibha: The power of Creativity.
I'm confused which one of these bothers me the most.

5. Optimism is the road to a dead end

Now that the post has exceeded a thousand words already, I shall end it.

I decide that I have started to look like Ted Mosby.
I remind myself my constant thought: 'Being practical is just an excuse when people cannot dare follow their heart.'
My sister texts me to wish Good night. I shall sleep with a smile on my face. :)
Gunnite, love! ^_^

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