Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bless.. Bless me do!

As a teenage girl, I read all the four books of Twilight Saga. *sigh*
Not that I find it any talkable subject today, but still, it amuses me, what made me rip off more than 20 hours of my life over a story of a confused selfish chick, trapped in love with a glittering bloodsucker and a dog, Chi HuaHua as Vampires Suck has rightly put it. Even if I say 'jokes apart', with due respect to Stephanie Mayer, the sentences remain constant. Now, my amusement lead me to the thought that most of us, teenage girls, are more attracted by the idea of a loseresque girl finding everything that she desires, in spite of cribbing all the while about being the role model for expression 'pch..!' This left the thought in my mind, how every person feels self-sympathetic in any sound or sad situation, so as to gain empathy from the ones who surround him/her.

It is often observed, that there is a comparison between pains suffered by different people going through the same event. If I fall down and hurt my ankle, I'd better make sure that my scream is louder than someone else who broke their ankle at the same time. As if it is a competition to win the title of 'Biggest Sufferer', a person would tell his/her story, with an amplifying intensity at the adjectives that glorify the narrator's pain and grievances. Every adjective is a superlative, and most of the times, generating a negative virtual - positive real image. Every story is a personal adaptation centered around one's self, as we always fancy being the lead, not the sidekick in the plot. It is also remarkable, how many would like to see themselves as either the prince charming with a 'never give up' attitude, or the pitiable loser character, whose heart is wounded and life is screwed enough to secure a soft spot in the listener's mind. The theory of 'Bhagat'ayan, I call it.

When I was a kid, whenever I had a bad experience, a failure or a heart ache, my parents used to console me saying, "we have a family to care for us, our healthy body to work on our failure, a second chance to gain back our confidence. There are many who've suffered above your pain, and succeeded ahead, take inspiration from them. There are some, who never even got a shot at improvement. Is your hurt greater, as compared to them? No. So remind yourself to belittle the problem, and then conquering it would become easier."
However, as I grew up, I started to understand that the axis of rotation for the Earth is not constant. Everyone's world revolves around their own. Thus, if some of us are not lucky enough to have anybody to say 'No' after 'is your hurt greater?', they will tend to feel sorry for themselves and end up being potential depressants.  A depressed person finds it convenient to empathize with another depressed person, if not the reason of his own depression.

Man is a social animal. Thus, a person seeks a group of people that remain most loyal to him and regard him as one of their own. Sympathy is the emotion that does not require an attachment as deep as love, but still establishes a bond of affection between the one who offers and the one who receives it. To gain somebody's sympathy, creating a sense of pity for your own condition, allowing that to radiate in the group and penetrate the walls of their emotions is important and comparatively easy too. It is human tendency to consider the caretakers as the keepers. So, the more you can project your sorrow, the more emotionally worried they will be for you, drawing them even closer to you. Almost all humans do the same, so thinking ill of a sympathy-seeker is a possibility frequently ruled out. This draws one of the reasons for self-pity, 'need of a favorable company'.

Once there was a rebel. He wanted to be free, independent of everybody. He was made to travel through the thickets of life, religion, pain and people. He decided to get rid of all the ropes lying tangled in his path. He had no sword to cut them any. He said, it could've been worse..
Wandering through the dark, so dark, that he got confused if his eyes were open or not. He had no lantern to show him his path. So he decided to produce fire, but he found no fuel, no wood, no stone anywhere. He said, it could've been worse..
There were monsters in his path. Starved wolves smelled his flesh and attacked left, right and centre.. He did keep a sharp knife at hand, but got torn with every wound he gave to another. To survive, he had to kill. He said, it could've been worse..
He journeyed through the mountains, the oceans and the skies. Faced all the dangers to live and shine. After travelling the whole world, he was back to the start. He had thought he'd reach an end, but he realized it's an ever ending loop. He said, it could've been worse..
Nobody needed to set the man free now; he had cut all the chains that stopped him. He had achieved all that he wanted and had won the battlefield.  But without anybody else's feat to surpass, anybody else to praise him, he found it all a vanity. And then he said, it couldn't have been worse...


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