Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stuck in a mirage of shadow..

He stared at his shadow walking past him. It felt lost,  jinxed with crowded sentiments. Anger, embarrassment, fear, restlessness and insecurity had enslaved his shadow.. Then, he began to decipher everything. Slowly, features began to appear and sharpen in the blackness of his shadow and he saw himself standing ahead, staring back at his image, amused.. 

And just then, something hit him in the head! He turned to hit it back, but no one was there to see. He looked for a sign or trail; but there was no soul apart from the image. Now the image looked even more scared, with eyes that searched for an intruder.. They scanned the whole scene to finally focus at what purportedly was the object that hit him, a dark stone. The shadow rushed to pick it up and threw it far away. But it couldn’t leave his hand, it stayed stuck there..  Confused, he observed the stone in his hand and suddenly, loud noises filled his ears.. Noises, he ran away from. Noises, that brought back to him the memories he would detest. Noises, he wanted to drift off when he surrendered to the night’s first glass.. He screamed, “Shut up!” He felt even worse when his shrieks went in vain. He hit the stone everywhere, but the voices won’t go off. Their volume went on increasing and he felt like his head was about to burst.. On a compelling impulse of mind, he saw the stone hit the image in his head. 

He had the peace no one would ever destroy now..


  1. I had to re-read it! :) Its amazing! The metaphor used is awesome. I am awestruck!