Friday, December 16, 2011

My favourite pastime: Sleeping. :)

Distraction no #1: Why is it showing spelling error for 'favourite'?
Anyway #1:
It is said that 'garaj hi shodhachi janani ahe' (Need is the mother of invention). In my opinion, 'Aalas'(laziness) would be the father. It surprises me how even if in the entire day, I leave my home only for a 1.5hr walk, my physical presence at home does no longer reflect mental presence, thanks to one of the best inventions of recent times, my Android (could've written 'my mobile', but I do not generally avoid an opportunity to show off). Somehow, a 'cell' is in fact the basic unit of life. It also, is one of the factors that encourage laziness, in too many ways to be listed here.
Distraction #2: Android becomes my second reason to thank Google.
Anyway #2:
I have pet-bharke aggregate, more than pet-bharke placement package, no entrance exams to give, no backlog in academics, and thus studying my ass off is not a necessary activity for me. If you are an IT Engineer and you study too hard for exams to earn enough marks, you're not an IT Engineer. Even if I keep the book in front of my face and read the same line again and again, I cannot do that for more than 1 hr.
Previously mentioned 1.5hr walk is necessary for a been-fat-suit-wali-Monica-alike.
I do not have a boyfriend or a current crush (by choice), so a very little time is invested in talking/texting/caring/texting/fighting/crying/texting/thinking(!)/repeating/dreaming. Still, almost an hour may be lost thinking over what should happen so that I'll finally be able to fall in love with some real person suitable for my fantastic requirements/expectations.
As a result, I get almost 20.5 hours of a day free all for myself! Yay 'me'! :D
Now, from those 20.5 hours, let's deduct 4 more hours including facebook-time pass, gappa over phone and reading/writing/polya karne (yes.). Also, 3 hrs for food input-output and some stuff that can be classified as 'nothing'.
Distraction #3: Priyanka texts she is coming tomorrow! Mohit Chauhan starts singing 'Ishque hai yaara fitoor' by my side! When good things happen, they happen at a time. :D
Anyway #3:
So, those 13.5 or something hours, I devote completely to engaging myself in the best pastime for me, sleeping. First of all, I love to sleep. There's nothing as relaxing and useless as sleep. Why to choose a useless thing? Well, less efforts, more innovative dreams, no disturbance in respected family members' schedule.
There is nothing as conveniently harmless as sleep. It is better to sleep, than be Harry Potter and posses all the three hallows; because nobody is after you to steal anything or kill you. It is not only harmless for the one who sleeps (sleeper! :P), but also to those associated with him/her. In spite of zero productivity and promoting sloth, sleep turns out to be pleasant and refreshing for the subject. There is no person dead because he overslept! (Getting fired from office for never showing face on time and dying a little bit inside whenever asked to wash your face or arrive on time during a lecture are the effects which will not be taken under consideration.)
Distraction #4: Mum calls for dinner!
No, I cannot add another 'anyway' here, as my sleepiness leaves me with no choice but to listen to my mum if I wish to stay at home happily. Hence, signing off..
You should now watch the episode with Phoebe's dad's "sleepy girl, sleepy girl.. you're keeping me up..."  :)

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