Monday, May 2, 2011

Your 'good' name please?

Name.. a gift given to every person in childhood, that mostly sticks with the person forever. Here are some of my random thoughts abt it. Dnt mind,due to d randomness,d note's pretty unstructured!Reado:
* A name is for most cases,a unique identifier for a person (in an environment where no two ppl hv d same name),like d primary key to an entity.
"Uff! DBMS!"
* A name is no recognition of d personality of a person.
(ref: listen to 'Bhade' by V.P.Kale)
* Names do have their impression and certainly influence d first impression of a person.
* Not all d names have a meaning/ story behind them.
(Ref:Asa Mi AsaMi, The White Tiger)
* It's not necessary that everyone likes his/her name.It's not necessary that they value it either.Shakespeare has said, "what's in a name?" and most people admire Shakespeare.
* It's better that v have a proper naming system in d society. it'd b so problematic to call e1 by any numeric id! same wud b d case of same names : ideal example of d chaos of improper naming : d Legendary Parmindars frm Khichadi.
* 'Barak' sounds suitable to d name of some explosive. 'Thomas' is d name of a cat, a scientist and a president.
* Nothing is known abt d personality, habbits, interests, ambitions, abilities and ideas of a person when he/she is christened. even d caste nd religion are obtained from d parents. Hence,not christening in d limitations of caste and religion could b a step to avoid discrimination.
* Authors,story writers and filmmakers are d ppl who overrate d name fr their characters. they hv a reason behind character's name being asociated with his/her personality.
Best example: C.V.Joshi has named d lead pair in Chimanravanche Charhat as Chiu-Kau. In reality,a 'Chiu' may settle well even wid a 'Mau' ;p
* I like my name. bt I would've liked 'Meera' better. :)

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