Monday, May 2, 2011

The social animal

Hi,how's u?m fine,doin grt,thank u.
m travelling back hm,mind if i ask u fr lift?
saw d poster of 'resident evil'?man,it luks killer!
heard abt prof.maala getting retired tmrw.shall v contribute fr a gift on behalf of our batch?
hey,'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro' is on zee cinema,quick,tv on kar!
abbey,kabka msg bheja hai,reply ke liye request letter lega kya?
uff,m never gna finish my work,hey,cn u plz bring dat file frm his desk in ur way?
thanks a lot.u r welcome.
sorry..:( its ok dear..
i bought these anklets frm d road,check dm out!fatte na!
heard abt ur dad,vl visit d hospital tmrw,wat are d visitting hours?
take care..yeah,i will,thanks.same to u.
i've heard it several times already,and i've told u,first finish those accounts nd dn u may wonder wherever u wish.d company pays u,dnt make me remind it again,u are excused.
help!hell,u found only my car's way to jump on d road!
watchout for d next release,d beta testers reported dat d game just knows ur mind!
hmm..dat person sounds genuine,determined nd hard working.dnt u think v should hire him?
cut it out,b clear nd tlk fr urself.
u ate pizza frm d place by d corner?awesome dude,must eat!
may i hv d change plz?i hv to make a cl.*y dnt they charge their cellphones/keep change fr a cl!*
yeah,i'd love to go out wid u.*in ur dreams,troll*
may i have ur attention plz?*tint,tint*ur attention,ladies and gentlemen!
oye,i already said "i do".nw d paster is waitin fr ur vow.speak,iddo!
my god,d paper's full of murders,rapes,suicides.yes,i'd like one.*(as an ans to d wife askin frm kitchen fr coffee)*
gimme a hand with this,on d count of 3!one..two..three!
pschhhh,wats d ans to questn 1b?u sure?
g'night,sd.same to u.. :)

man truely is a 'social' animal..v hv other words fr 'dependent'!

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