Monday, May 2, 2011

Movies help moi!

Baap movie!watchd it ystrday(i knw,too late)..nt only frm d technical nd acting pt of view,it hs succeeded in an inception of an idea in me!
living d dreams..its dreams where thots r a parallel world,u hv lived it fr real..d most true dialogue ws said by cobb to his wife Mal,"v hv grown old together.."
v always want dreams to b our its d reality of dreams dat they r real w.r.t d dreamer,rn't they?they present u a beautiful world,wer u cn defy d laws of physics,reality,possibility, probability,certainty.ur will is d truth.its like living inside 'd mirror of erised'..
nd dis inception made me knw dat der is a reality beyond words,wer hearts don't need to b unbreakable fr d rule of being practical..yes,of course,it leaves u wid dissatisfaction nd sorrow of knwing d existence of a not-so-right d best thing is,u hd a dream to live..
d most important thing in my life is,i cn live wat i dream..i m happy. :)
Sahhiii movie!marathit asha movies havyatach,yet rahtilach.concept,jhakkas. acting-phakkad.direction-rajwade ne direct kelay,wat cn v expect,mastach asnar na!dialogues-layee bhaari ahet rao!music-khush karnara.lyrics-appealing.vishayachi hatalni-yogya.(ata panchanamyasarkha moviebaddal lihina mi thambavtey.)
khup patli ahe mala hi movie.ani avadli pan ahe.khari vatli.doka barach shanta zala.ti mumbai wali vrushchik rashichi asnar,i identified wid her,many times.saglyat jasta majhyasarkha ti vagli,te 'mi konashihi bhandu shakte' ya vakyat,nd dn te prove karnyasathi dakhavlelya bindhastpanat!coincidence mhanje,mi pan punyala janyacha plan karat hote sutti laglyapasun.arthat,tp ani pune firna,ya karnasathi..baghu,kay jamtay te.btw,whoever reads dis,if u cn understand marathi,dn get d movie nd watch it. :D

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