Monday, May 2, 2011

To my dear self.

U smile, I smile
U blink, I blink
U dream, I dream
U whistle, I whistle
U listen, I listen
U pretend, I pretend
U laugh, I laugh
U adore, I adore
U forget, i forget
U wish, I wish
U give, I give
U forgive, I forgive
U refuse, I refuse
U hurt, I hurt
U cry, I cry
U decide, I decide
U heartbroken, Oh my dear replica, U're my reflection!
U want to see what’s behind the mirror.I insist on staying at the same side.
U wonder may be you should stay at the other side, I feel miserable, knowing that you can think so..
You leave my side to explore the other, and I decide to break the mirror…

Now the mirror is broken, yet you exist; 'cause silly fella, you weren’t just in the mirror…
And now if you wish to return or not,
We know nothing would change..
Cause the mirror is broken with wounds of red…

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