Monday, May 2, 2011

How m i?

Basically,I m hopelessly tired of thoughts.wen u least wish to think,these freaky thots wud eat ur mind,health nd peace.u start repeating a series of unfortunate/fortunate events in ur head,nd even if u hvnt tlkd fr a whole day,still ur face,body,brain aches.silence kills u.even if u dnt want ny1 to knw hw r u,u end up being d worst company coz all dat u tlk abt are d things dat u desire to avoid d most.u want to let go,u want to feel right,bt nw u hv no control over wat shud b right fr u.u keep telling urself,'its fine,have faith,watever happens happens fr greater good.'in such situation,u feel dat if life was a living fella,instead of being an abstract reality,u wud want so many questions answered frm life!

frnds help..a thanking words wud ever express hw blessed u feel fr having such,dnt hit me fr thanking nd all,being formal,bt m honest.

fr d love of all those who never insulted my faith,i belive dat 'All izz well' with d fact dat v dnt get to decide wats 'well'..

yep,Murukesh,revisitting d writing track,publicly.cnt afford d pain of keeping diary again.. :) (m smiling.coz i hope,nd i belive dat either its allright,or it vl b.)

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