Monday, May 2, 2011

(Besur) singing in d rain!

"I'm singing in d rain!
I'm singing in d rain!
I'm dancing insane..
In the rain...!"
havent had d tune n d dance out frm my head since d pune trip. As a mein kahan hoon type recollection, m checking d list that i hate nd i love. Those who're reading this note wud find it very self-centered, nd tell u wat, 'I am better selfish, atleast m happier!' :D
Me: like! Sometimes a mess, par woh kaun nahi hota hai!
family: superlove!
books: mood matters! i put down Dan Brown books halfway, bola na, Mess!
suction pump of dentists: yuck!
music: no interest fr rock(bighadehuae chillumchilli log! *shawry!*). Mostly into hindi romantic nd dance numbers. Ayushyavar nd Mumbai-pune-mumbai songs.
friends: Series, superlike! real ones- love! dimag ghum gaya hai thode friends ka (maza group ahe, thoda tar satak asnarach na!).
relatives: Bachche company- dhammal! Mothi mandali- bhettil temvha dhammal! :)
Gappa: Anytime! No Age limits. :D
Khau: Bharpur! Masterchef India pan avadta, khau na! :P
Events: MEGALIKE! admitted in college:- 08-08-08. 1st performance: 4th Sept'08.
Chashma: Atyanta hate! Lenses: savay nai zaley ajun :(
movies: ;D!
changing channels frm TV control keys: hate!
sleep: hail d sleep Gods!
typing a note nd nt bein able to post it on d net: Cant make worse face!
Winter: Wow! :D
Trees: :)
k,enough of headcheck,yeah!found it!
There actually is no rain..
yet in my head, I'm singing in d rain..
and dancing insane..
in the DREAMY rain!

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