Monday, May 2, 2011

Today's LONG status update!

Certain things worth breaking the No facebook till 15th July rule:

1. Having a legen...wait for it..dary trek at a (hardly any) bird sanctury!

2. Finding some more newest people with whom, it takes just an intro and friendship 'clicks'!

3. Discovering that things may begin with an "Oh Shit!" when you get an hour late than the schedule, but they do end up with an AWESOME day!!! :D

4. It feels great to be happy, even with the muscles and joints (and everything that one's composed of) aches. And it feels even better, when you share your stories!

5. It's 'Ahha!' to know that your status can make people jealous! Specially the ones who have vivas tomorrow.. Er.. I'm gonna enjoy waking up in the noon by the way! Just telling. :P :P


TIE members!

Missed you all a lot!- to the previous trek buddies!

and Great day guys!- to the new TIE joiners! :)

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