Monday, May 2, 2011

I fly.. :)

I'm busy. Pissed off with ogglers in bus and Boss doesn't stop adding to my headache. Pathetic, can well be the description of my day. Till the moment I saw your smile..
and I dunno how, bt I'ven't touched ground since!
coz I just realised, I fly.. :)

You needn't say that I looked great today,
you took my hand in yours when we met..
God, di'n't you know I was already flattered, a colour deeper than Red on my cheeks..
and all that made me gather myself, was that one true smile you hold.. for me..
The butterflies within grow stronger as we talk.. and they take me with them higher and higher..
Higher and higher, I fly.. :)

Oh my!
Your eyes shrink when you smile!
and they hide those innocent mischieves in your mind..
They speak, honest and sincere, that you will never leave me..
and I always wonder, how am I so lucky!
for you get back a smile, as ordinary as me..
yet, you say that you are so happy..
That's all that I ask for.. My reason to be alive is here with me..and
I fly.. :)

I belong to you, and you will be there with me..
for as long as the eternity..
we'll not even need a kaleen to flee..
All you gotta do, is smile once more for me..
and.. holding your hand..
I fly.. :)

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