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Online Web Designing In My Words

Online Web Designing : The Origin

Let's start from the scratch. There's NO such event as OWD decided in IEEE RAIT. Instead, a web designing workshop is there on our poster-in-progress. I ask the ‘cell-me-pade-log’ if the workshop is confirmed and who's conducting it. Everyone from IEEE CELL calls Kaushik our research wing head to conduct the workshop and every call gets replied as, "Mein nahi karega..", "Last time hua tha naa..", "Triveni legi na workshop!!! ( :P )". The discussion turns into usual chaos and gets the usual solution, 'Leave it, dekh lenge'!

That day, after finishing the tentative 3 posters on Shshank(Hon.Chairman)'s laptop, when m in bus, returning home, I get a call from Kaushik,

K: "Tu kar na web designing."

Me: "Ae, nahi, nako, mala kuthe yeta kahi.. Mi kay lokanna shikavnar!!! Ani Cyber Hunt cha pan kaam ahe, posters, banners, pamphlets,... Kasa jamel???"

K: Arrye, workshop nahi honare.. Event karaychay. Online Web Designing.. Jasta kahi nahie, thodafar kaam asel, te mi sangto tasa kar sagla. Cyber Hunt tar ready ahe na! :P

(At the background from Kaushik's side)

Someone: kise event de raha hai?

K(to the someone): Triveniko :P (Laughter :P :P :P)

[Later on, as I cannot get 2 certificates for 2 evets, I shift from Cyber Hunt to Online Web Designing with Sonal :) ]

Online Web Designing : Progresses

1. Kaushik lets me know about the event in detail. I pass on the info to Sonal. Then again a few discussions at IEEE CELL about what 'should be or should not be' in the competition. Sonal and I feel the responsibility even more when RWH explains what all he's already worked out about the event. And we too try to add some rules here and there to look like we're the event heads. :P (Luckily, He never gets tired of answering calls, solving doubts, giving his take on our ideas and typing!!! :D )

2. Sonal keeps saying, "Sagla Kaushikach kartoy ga, apan kahich kela nahiye, APAN EVENT HEAD AHOT!!" and Kaushik texts back "Sagla tumhich karnare, Adbhut Kshamata, mala haath pan nahi lau denar, vagaire vagaire :P"

3. We 3 discuss A LOT about our problem statements and the tasks in our 2 levels. Too many rejections from RWH, too many gross ideas from our minds and one day, some random ideas appear in our path, and it just CLICKS!!! After some days, we are ready with our topics and requirements for Static Website Designing round. :)

4. Our every status update about the event on facebook is mutually ‘liked’! :D

Even little bit of progress is featured onto our website, by Kaushik! :D

He adds the File upload facility for the contestants! We have the Master of web Designing @ IEEE-RAIT! :D

Renamed around this period as, Samshodhan Pankha/Par Doke/Dimaag, that is, SPD!

5. First Online entry of 360Degrees2k11 arrives on our website and it is a registration for "Online Web Designing"! :D (Skipping certain additions here, continued..)The entry's followed by many more as we took total responsibility of our event's ONLINE PUBLICITY! :D

Screening of the entries by our judges panel ( ';P ) gave us 8 brilliant qualifiers. :D

6. Judges-checked. Qualifiers-checked. Round two problem statements written the night before the event (12:20 am)- checked. Score sheet softcopy- checked. PCs in IT CENTRE- NOT CHECKED!!!!!!! Laagnar waat! :P

The Event Day :- dialogues @ Online Web Designing!

"Sonal, PD"..."Sonal, CD"

"Mi CD kuthlya PC madhye takley..??"

"Kaushik..." "Kay??" "Mahit nahi!! He bagh na, kahitari bhaltach problem ahe!"

*wait for installation to complete*. . . *wait for PC to respond*

"Ata 5 divas tari mi ekahi installation karnar nahiye, Kasam se! :@ "

"Te tithle PC check kar na.." "Ithe Wamp ahe, tila ithe basun suru karu det."

"Sonal, steel wala PD kuthe gela?"

"Nalayak.. Halkat.." "Konala shivya ghalteys?" "Computer la..:( "

"Triveni, tya PC var check kar netbeans-tomcat ahe ka.."

"Sonal, IIS ahe ka?" "He Windows XP cha black-black kay distay?"

"Volunteer food :P"

“Arrye, kiti viruses bharlet!” (Scanning at home gives : 2269 threats detected!! :P)

"Arrye, chalu ho na!!!(hammers the PC)"

"Aapka project do naa..." *maska* :P

"Arrye, amcha sagla project run hotay, fakta questions disat nahiyet!! :)) "

"Te 'Aga... yaar..' wale professionals type kaam kartayt."

"Mi feedback pan denar ahe tyanna :P :P :P"

"Ma'am there's some prooooblem with the PC (because our project couldn't work :P)"

"Amhi ajun 5 events madhye ahot, kadhi jaun yeu?"

"CSI chya Web Designing baddal kahi mahitey ka?"..."Hhya! Vel kuthey? Aplach kay kami kaam ahe!"

"I guess we have our clear winners here.. :) "

"I always wonder ki RAIT cha kuni asha competitions madhye ka jinkat nahi?"..."HA 1st rank RAIT chach ahe na, BE IT! :P"

To conclude this note, I'm adding just a few more things:

Some of the participants who did and did not win in Online Web Designing, gave us the feedback that IEEE RAIT's OWD was more challenging and it gave more preference to 'programmers' rather than just the 'designers'. SPD congratulated us for a successful event, whereas in reality he'd put all his mehnat and kashta for the event to be a success! Both our winners loved not only the prizes, but also the efforts our team put to get IT Lab PCs work fine. :D

Finally, I'd like to say (speech is a tradition! :P ), that apart from the team, too many people from IEEE RAIT were involved in making of Online Web Designing as a “Khaaricha Waata” J I’m tagging as many of them as I can, in this note. J

We got to learn a lot from Kaushik. We got to experience a great event because of him, for he believed in us to head the event. Captain, Mentor, kya bolu tujhe yaar, SPD, sahiyes mitra!! :D

Sonal worked with all her heart, not bothering about time and never complained when I had last minute creative work for IEEE RAIT. If you weren't taking this event with the sincerity of a 77% holder, then I'd still be writing 1st round problem statement! :P

We were a rapchik team and layy bhaari watla event ani badbad kartana! Hoping for a brighter future of IEEE RAIT and an everlasting friendship among IEEE-ITans! :D

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  1. Reminded me all fun we had together at the time of OWD...!! :D :D
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