Monday, May 2, 2011

Someday.. :)

There is a day in future,
written by the hands of the creator,
which is the happiest day of celebration! for ALL!

The day sees no wars,
no fights, no blood,
no sorrow, no pain,
no anger, no betrayal,
no benefit, no loss,
no u-and-me..
The day will smile at us ALL!

The day is blessed with shining sun!
Accompanied by the peace of moonlight!
And the sweetest smell of the Earth after Rain is in the air..
The day of celebrations, making them ALL alive!

The day knows no gravity,
It tries to catch the stars at space higher than the universe!
It roar's better than Aslan!
It surpasses the beauty of nature!
It sings melodies unworldly to the winds!
The day has a personality, no poet can ever imagine!
It makes 'Neverland' seem real!
It enjoys a lot, for the sole reason..
The day knows no limits,
It's for ALL, being together! The happiest day of celebration! :)

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