Monday, May 2, 2011

8th Jan 2011! (Second half)

Quick recap:

Arrival at Khopoli, Campsite-Ashram, TIE traditional photos and intro,

Climbing and Rappling, jevan, Discovering that the new college gang

has taken over our room, 'Hot n Cool' Tresure hunt(:P), a bonus rope

balancing task and now we carry onwards..

Continuing to share the amazing experience..

After finishing the rope balancing activity, we were all very fresh,

even if the whole day was full of tiring activities. Kelkar sir and

the team told us all to sit for the (we didn't know it before that the

session would make the next adjective sound at a lower degree) best

conversation! We, around 30 people sat on the ground, with our full

time companion- the cute manjaricha pillu and listened to the most

wowest, awesomest, thrilling and exciting stories of Kelkar sir's

team, their work, their committment to Giryarohan and the passion with

which they devote themselves to it.. Thanks to Pranav's intelligent

question, Kelkar sir shared the mishaps that he and the team

experienced in their life of mountaineering. We were so thrilled, that

A pin drop silence followed the moment Kelkar sir decided that it's

time for some pet pooja! and believe me, when it's about food, silence

is unexpected, which is evident proof to support how thrilled we must

have been!

Our dinner was served and we all filled our tummies with the

rice-aamti, koshimbir that always tastes delicious if one's hungry! We

headed for a walk by the mandir with sir's permission, everyone but

the 4 pranksters, but more on that later*. So we started to walk,

found that the forest had catched 'vanvaa' and everyone teased Pranav

who was flashing Anuja's torch from jhaadi... Err.. I have to

unwillingly restrict myself from explaining why the teasing.. just to

remind the experience-sharing-buddies, 'Remember why we told Anuja

that she HAS TO wash her torch! :P '

Moving on, after a few steps, we found that the path was closed ahead.

So we took a turn and here, the previously mentioned adventure cum

prank began:
Me, Varsha, Pankaj, Jasraj and Viraj were heading the line, and we

went on the other path, talking about the night sky ornated with

starts! And we turned off our torches for a few minutes to look at the

starry sky! Well, we shouldn't have. While walking on the bushy path,

we heard a few crackng noises from our left, amongst the bushes.

Chilling silence. Jasraj turned the torch there, and we couldn't see

what was there (You know, how sudden light in the dark is blinding).

Suddenly, 4 Strangest looking bodies (:P) came shouting and running at

us! You cannot imagine the frequency of Varsha's shrieks that

followed! I did scream too. Viraj, Jasraj and Pankaj stood still with

fright! :P
After absorbing a few moments, we saw the 4 strangers, and those were

the pranksters whom we'd left at Ashram, Kunal, Devesh, Rajas and

Aniruddha! God, it was such a DEADLY scene. another memorable one, and

took few minutes to explain to the rest of the friends who'd missed


Now we went at the campsite, shekoti pan petavli, thoda pakav dance

kela and called up Kelkar sir's team. He explained the 'Human-Model'

game and we made the funniest 'Namita-tree' and the serious wala

'Pankaj-statue'! Nama, I've never seen ny1 so eager to play a zaad..

:P Yesh, our exaggeration and overacting was showcased at the end of

our act, with the ghaam n khokla reaction to depict 'Global warming'

:P :P :P. Sir and the team went off to sleep, I, on popular demand(:P)

played 'Ti Phulraani' and we enjoyed the home-productions while

playing Dum-Sho-Raaj (or what's it's spelling by the way!).. When a

few of us realised that eyes cannot possibly be kept open now and the

freezing cold made it almost impossible to wait more, we went to


Discovering our girl's room having some chikat thing where ants got

easily attracted, someone suggested that Kerosin takes care of the

ants. Well dear folks, we forgot how impossible would it be to sleep

in Kerosin smell, although it did kill the ants. To add to the

problems, 2-3 rats bid 'Hello there!' in our room and we (girls, who,

in no circumstances on earth, will ever stand a rat peeking inside the

same room tht we sleep) passed the CANNOT SLEEP INSIDE rule and slept

outside, in the mandir area bearign the cold atmosphere instead.

Thanks to all the TIE girls, I got to sleep well, even if I hadn't

carried any anthrun-panghrun.

I woke up the next day at 5:15, as I had to catch the train at 6:00

and go home for my Singing exam :P. Suraj sir came to drop me at stn

and a few just-awake members bid me buh-byee! Sachchi jaane ka man

nahi kar raha thaa yaar, n I kept texting Nama to know what's up at

the camp. I hear, that after I left, everyone woke up at aournd 8-9am

and had the river crossing session.. Photos masta ahet, I saw how well

you all prformed in river crossing guys! :D Then there was the

certificate distribution and TIE pratha- individual and group photo

for the collage that ended the entire adventure..

Kelkar sir, you've tought us that one doesn't need anything but

courage, hardwork and passion to earn respect. The friends that I've

made in this camp, are all new ones, but for me, they are very sweet

and dear friends indeed. I am greatful to have met you all! I wish I

had been able to stay and have fun with you all in the return journey

too.. Still, I am happy that with you, I gathered memories, that I'm

enjoying still today! :)

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