Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newspaper yesterday..

These are a few WHYs and WHY NOTs for me to read Newspaper everyday..

After reading US Government's declaration about Osama getting support from Pak:

Dad and me had a laugh about US Govt.'s diplomacy in saying, they don't know the sources of support to Al-Queda! :PNow, India should track down Dawood and give 'shoot at sight' orders for such inhumane creatures, was the invalueable (literally :P) decision passed by both of us.

After reading HT article about Eco-Smart houses, I thought:

1. If you have translucent Eco-friendly glasses that allow only natural light to enter the house and not the heat, doesn't the reflected heat add to atmospheric temp?

2. These projects cost 5 to 6 % more than normal projects. These projects are located at quite a distance from transport facilities. So people interested in these projects are sure to own at least one 4 wheeler as a necessary facility. Do they count energy consumption and pollution caused due to these vehicles?

3. How come HT thinks that such projects will definitely lessen the pollution and global temp, if more than half of Indian population is below poverty line, who cannot afford a home, forget about an Eco-smart project?!

After reading Spruha Joshi's article about junya maalika,

We, 5 people in my family + mavshi, discussed it for about an hour. The memories of old times, Buniyaad, Fauji, Circus, Surabhi, Dekh Bhai Dekh, Jaban Sambhaalke, Malgudi Days, 405 Aanandawan, Bokya Saatbande, Prapancha, Shriyut Gangadhar Tipare, Chacha Chowdhari, Tom and Jerry, Tu Tu Mein Mein, DD News, Disney hour.... everything was brought up. Full on ninda about Gauri (Mann udhaan waryache), Saas-bahu regular drama, Radkya bicharya naayika, TV serial vamps, Camera craziness and frequency in changing channels, there was absolutely no topic undiscussed!

Something related to going abroad caught our eyes in the news paper,

This began the vaad-vivaad, creative discussion, mat pradarshan which included some topics already featured in Swades and finally "Kayamcha jaycha nahiyes tu US la, kalala na, parat yaychay" bajawani ended the topic.Occasional Narmada Pradakshina, Chat show 'Majestic Gappa' and that all, non-newspaper related topics var pan charcha zaali.. In short, I read the news for an hour, and discussed them for around 3 hours, at the peak time, when I should be studying! I updated my knowledge about current issues, which may help me in many ways, but at the end of those 4 hours, I was a sitting-at-the-same-place-for-4-hours-doing-nothing-and-paaroshi mulgi (as, reading the news paper is strictly an early morning, before bath activity). And, at the end of these 4 hours, The world had NOT CHANGED! :P

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