Friday, July 19, 2013

Date a girl who likes to go trekking (only once in a blue moon, like it's a picnic)

Date a girl who doesn't usually go trekking, 'cause she can wear her plums or flipflops there and dance around crying in the middle of a 2 ft narrow steep road on a mountain, over an ankle sprain. You'll wonder how thoughtful she was wearing exactly the wrong pair of footwear. Why? Bacause you louuu her!
Date a girl who doesn't really trek a lot. 'Cause she'll keep cribbing over how untidy her hair look, how stained her pink tracks got and how she hates the mud on her 'spensive' shoes.. She might be reluctant to hold your hand, calling it too dirty (as you had to hold the rocks for balance when she was about to trip over); but you'll know she loves you in spite of her 'why the heck did you bring me here?'s.. you know why...? Because you louuu her!
Date a girl who doesn't love trekking as much as you do. What a delight it is to hold another bag, carrying your own AND telling her where to put her foot on each step! You really really want to finish packing your bag early, for helping her out organize her own, don't you? There's only one reason.. Aww, you louuu her!
Date a girl that loves going on dinners and picnics more than trekking.. why? 'Cause you require exercising photography for the sake of her facebook display images.
Just imagine how you'll be looking at the mountain range spread in front of your eyes in awe, wondering what a humbling experience this is.. and she'll be looking at the same landscape thinking of how many 'like's her picture with this in the background will get.. isn't that how 'soul mates' think!
You've gotta be madly in louuu with this girl who makes faces at the maggi/pohe/chai you made in the cave for her, when you talk about the sleeping arrangement trying to convince her how even a mattress is comforting after the day's toil. She'll agree alright, don't worry, all you gotta do is shed a few tears and act helpless maybe.. hey, that's all a relationship is all about, anyway!
Date a girl who will give up midway and choose to stay in the caves in stead of following you ahead. She'll not sit next to you after a day entirely spent in trekking, with hardly any water supply remaining towards the end, through the places you've never before been to, to visit the setting sun from the topmost point of the mountain, to look in your eyes when you feel so content about the successfull trek. You need some space in louuu too.. but wait THAT'S A TEST! If you choose to go ahead, you're over. You need to sit in the cave beside her, and miss the sunset, bwoy! That's louuuu!
Date a girl who'll shrug her shoulders when you idly ask her 'Why are we here...? What are we doing walking the whole day..? Are we insane really?" 'Cause she won't return your smile knowing how happy you are to do all that, but agree thinking you mean it, as much as she does. You'll hit yourself for regretting being with her, you know why...? 'Cause it's mandatory to act stupid in louuu!

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