Sunday, April 22, 2012

If only direction were that easy

  • The 'Easier' and 'Faster' way to solve a Rubik's cube is:
    --> Dismantle it.
    --> Arrange the like coloured faces together.
    --> Use glue and make a cube outta it.
  • They say universe conspires and gives out signs to lead you to your destiny. I am no master of Alchemy, but I'm telling you, that's BULLSHIT.
  • The time right now is a reason for the heavy words, yet it is depressing to understand how hollow certain sentences could be. I guess I am high on sleep tonight, so this is just a random get out of my head stuff I'll waste 15 minutes typing about.
  • The shifts in my career goals are a few numbers less to Charlie Harper's girlfriends. If there were a path that the 'universe' wanted me to travel, it sure would be the 'less-traveled-by' one, as who the hell would choose such a twisted road anyway!
  • It is easier for a person without issues with parents, studies and life to let things go and move on. Not.
  • I am happy, but I keep thinking about the quantity of my happiness.
  • The 'RIGHT' way to solve a Rubik's cube is:
    --> Learn the math.
    --> Try solving the cube.
    Here's a lame tutorial for it :P
  • Tolerance quotient to forgive those who forget or ignore you is a quality. Goodness or badness depends on at which end of the transaction you are.
  • I have nothing in mind to write for the past whole week. It might not be a writer's block, but it sure feels like a speed breaker.
  • The nearest future is so clear that my confidence about what is going to happen amuses some of my friends. I am sometimes not comfortable with this certainty zone, hence, naming it, 'the fear of the Known'.
  • I am pretty sure my mind, the decision changer will deceive me at the right moment.
  • Why is it so, that we believe, everything will be fine 'in the end'. I mean, DEFINE The End Godammit!
  • I have a remarkable memory. *sighs*

Coming to the point, I have a little theory developed about 'The Giver and The Gainer':

If the role-reversal does not take place within some time, one of 
them is happy and the other wishes to be.

Also, you know why do we like sitcoms, because there's a known director to the story.

Oh, by the way, the 'EASIEST' and 'FASTEST' way to solve a rubik's cube is:

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