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I'd thought of writing a universally applicable post, but saving this read (a long one) for my own. The post is about seemingly insignificant, yet meaningful pieces from Wake Up Sid. It's going to be one of those personal posts which I'll be reading after years and think, "haila! That's how I used to think!" (Or maybe something matured and sophisticated, as time would've wrinkled my language.) BTW, this Wadilaal's Black Current Ice-cream melting in my mouth is go(oooo)od.

To begin from the beginning, I do not relate myself with Sid. Still, thinking of every 'random' (every fb profile has used this word) thing at the very wrong moment, being quite clueless, having parents who love a lot but also want you to be an 'ideal' person and just perfect friends are a few similarities.

So, Sid unexpectedly meets a radically different person Aisha and somehow, he alone unknowingly starts to like her a bit. Like their conversation by the sea, We always want to be at a simply peaceful place with someone with whom you just want to keep talking about 'everything, anything!'.. someone who wouldn't judge you.. someone with whom you wouldn't have to think or calculate what you talk and do.. someone who knows how much their presence means to you.. someone you don't need to impress.. someone who clicks, effortlessly...  :)

Cut to: Aisha's birthday scene, Sid makes her a bread-jam cake. It is indeed silly, but there's nothing like someone making you feel special. 'Just the two of us' playing in the background, he asks her why she doesn't think of him as more than friends. And here, Sid's first failure hits him, though not too strongly. 'Bas tum woh nahi ho, jise mein dhundh rahi hun', a simple answer, a plain heartbreak.

Now the major fall, 'gaya hai din phir se dhal yeh, hua hai soona sa kyun pal yeh..' Sometimes, you have to taste the failure to know where to go. you're meant to do what the situation compels you to do. Friends help, some bring a solution along with them. Everyone may not have a Lakshmi helping them at the very start, but they always do find their Camera, at the right time. Somehow, jindagi line pe aane lagti hai and 'Jahan mein chalu, wahi tu chale' feeling comes your way!

Then come the three of my favourite scenes: the ones with Rishi, mom and dad. Those who really love you never give up loving you. They may stay at a distance, but keep an eye to see if you're doing fine. They'll just never ask for anything from you, they won't leave if you don't return the same feelings or even hurt them a bit. When you come back, they are just happy. No complaints! Love is silent, persistant and mature. And thence follows Iktara, telling how unimaginably unreasonable it can be! :)
The dialogues "Tumhe kaise pata?"
"Bas, pata hai. :)" melting into 'Just the two of us' again, feel sweeter than my Ice-cream...

Here is the only cliché of the story. I don't get it, why does a person has to go far away to realize that he/she actually loves someone! You never realize it before this point and now as everything starts looking clearer, you make a filmy marathon run to meet that one right human who sometime back, was right there with you!
"You've been looking around to find true love, wondering what place it'd find you..
I've been down by your side here all along, if only you look around you.."
The lines of  'Open your eyes to love' strike into my mind at such climaxes.. But Sid scores here, because of the rain, the article, the 'Boondon ke..' song and ending the story then and there, cutting out any drama ahead... I just love this movie! :)

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