Friday, March 2, 2012

Forgiving Tree is Growing Old

Life is a lot of time to kill,
for things that matter or mean nothing indeed.
It brings us ambitions, dreams and friends
and work and fun and priorities and trends.

And then life places her greatest offer 
an opportunity to grow old.
She says, "explore my gift within yourself,
and nurture the maturity you hold."

You'll have to be a clown someday
to whom the jolly one points
But you get up smiling to fall again
despite the aching joints.

There come times when you get hurt,
broken beyond repair
by those who you thought were of your own,
like a halo's dark affair.

Life will also bring along
a part called 'letting go'..
when you face a tragic dead end
or gateway to a new flow.

At any such place in your timeline
breath to find the seed,
And let it grow into a tree
that teaches how to forgive..

For every hurt, it shall lose
its very old leaf of pain.
the miracle is that it never will
appear a leaf  less again.

The leaf once lost will bestow peace
upon your mind's shadow.
What you understand may never be known
to the hurtful ones still shallow...


  1. thanks for sharing such a beautiful article :)

  2. Thanks! Wisdom is best when shared. :)

  3. That's very beautiful!You pictured life well in the shade of that tree!Check my blog too.Cheers!

  4. Sure! Thanks for your comment! Keep reading :)