Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When do we eat?

They say, a picture speaks a thousand words. Hopefully, this edited one will speak approximately that much.

The whole point of this picture was very simple and clear. There are two kinds of people (actually, there are many, but I'm mentioning those which are suitable for this post and yes, the line's catchy) :
1. Who save the best for the end.
2. Who like to live in the moment.

1-2-3-4-5-Tastiest part of the bread!
You've already faced all the obstacles on your way. You are now done with the fighting, the pain, the hurt and the struggle. You have earned a lot of money to finally fulfill the stuff listed on your wishlist. It is time to enjoy what you've always waited for, to do what you've always dreamed to do, to embrace the sense of achievement you've been looking for. Most used phrase: "Yeah, but.."
But, there's a catch.
1. There is no guarantee that you will stay alive to reach the last bite.
2. It may happen, that when you're at the 3rd bite, you will get somebody else to share, influence, opine or take away the rest of the bread. What your environment chooses for you is a very important aspect of a person's decisions.
3. You may have a second thought about whether what you are doing is what you want to do. A mind against mind is the worst (and common) situation, where you cannot distinguish which one's the angel and which one, the daemon.
4. Even the feeling of everything falling in the right place can be unsettling if the path wasn't your favourite one.

You take the opportunity that lies in front of you at the instant. You will never want to miss the cream. You follow your heart (or instincts) and do not want to regret, that you missed something, later on. You enjoy the journey without caring about the destination. You will grab happiness when you see it, and would not wait to plan out everything for your future. Your decisions are driven by your own opinion, and less likely to be influenced by others. Never used phrase: "Given a choice.."
1. The cost at which you take risks may sometimes be miscalculated, hence making you pay back more.
2. Lack of approval and satisfaction about your decisions from parents, friends, colleagues and relatives. Expectations kill either the a healthy relationship or the freedom of those involved in it.
3. You may often find yourself lost, as you did not wait to confirm the directions.
4. There will be a possibility of underestimating or not understanding the value of non-creamy biscuits.

Practically, there is no universal right and wrong, according to my ideas (Ref: ). But let's say I am a traveler facing a two roads diverging in a wood situation. To make sure what would make all the difference, what are the things I need to think about?

1. Being happy:
As simple as it sounds, being happy becomes the most important goal of our life. In the end, it matters if you do not find a single point in time, where you wish you had a time turner. Happiness is not an achievement always, one may enjoy the sojourn more. Give importance only to what matters, and revise what does not. Think wisely about what will, in the end, bring a smile on your face.

2. Priorities:
The elements apart from a person's own wishes happen to affect the decision process. Set priorities, the highest priority being 'living happily enough'. Get your thoughts in order, do not get confused between Dos and Don'ts. Think of your dependents and loved ones as well, they're going to make your happiness count.

3: To quit, or not to quit:
At a certain point when you face the doubt of being incorrect in previous choice, the mind will give some signal, "Kuch toh jhol hai, boss! Yeh sahi nahi hai!" React to it. If you're brave and sure enough and can afford the consequences, then only quit. Else, be a chicken, and be smart enough to eat less.

4. Time:
The whole point of 'when' do we eat concentrates here. Every situation is not a 'do or die' one. But then, to choose a path less traveled, one has to be spontaneous. Take your time. Make mistakes. Learn. Proceed. If you're right, you will experience what is a 'good' time. If you're wrong, well, time is the best medicine again.. :)



  1. Well, I am kind of person who prefer first way... to finish up difficult part as early as possible, and then enjoy our time with pleasure.. :)