Saturday, April 18, 2009

It's all written!

An IIT aspirant calls her second-cousin's friend(Chaitali Patil) to ask if Terna college is good.She gets advised to come into RAIT,what she follows.She hasn't got any prize after school;has lost her touch with dance and drawing,which used to be the best part of her life till 9th;has put on weight which doesn't suit her;is frustrated 'cause she could never complete her parents' wishes of appearing in Boards(It does matter a lot if three of your mates appear 1st,5th and 13th:Juili Joshi,Chetan Fegade,Abhijeet Kuvar respectively);doesn't care if her dad wants her to be (more)polite(...may be that's been the reason for her to be arrogant);doesn't find a friend in her class because everyone's full of themselves and nobody could match her old groupmates;etc...etc...
All negative points written,I think.Now I begin with the positive ones:
1)She finds the long-linked friend Chaitali,on the day of "Auditions for Drama".She'd never met her before and recognised her from the tone she heard on Phone(You've got style,Chaitu:) .)
2)She finds another friend in the class named Pranav(who came from the same link i.e. Yashashree).,and finds their names written on the walls the next day!(Hell!)
3)She finds a few people coming in their class for something or the other,almost everyday,encouraging her to do what all she wanted to...And,She's Got Wings to fly now!
4)She joins the "IEEE and Kalaraag" in college and decides to be "Everythng"(not sports though,there are no competitions to talk on phone:P).
5)She finds some of her best mates.Learns a lot(about emotions,indivisual space,invovement,relations,being rational,practical)...
6)Her crush,she's put it on 'waiting' mode.Now,at least she looks "Not Bad" kind,that's her only plus point.Let time take the twists...
7)The girl,finally is venturing the "Maktub",her life and her "Happiness"..


  1. Hold on...I write too much about myself!

  2. I suppose you mean "Let time make the curves" instead of "Let time take the twists." in (6).

  3. @Sushrut: _:P_
    @Biggest ghissu of :Yeah,m still trying to improve my english.

  4. I guess, you didn't understand me, or else it was excellent return.

  5. Oh....Ah....Ahem...("Curves" to kuch jyaada ho gaya,Murki!:P)

  6. baap re!!!
    when i started reading...i had this feel..poooooor girl!!!

    but when i was close to finishing it...i felt it was U!!!