Saturday, April 25, 2009

If I had a time-turner..
I'd erase all the times, I fell flat in front of a crowd who knew me..
I'd erase every embarrassing situation from my life..
I'd erase all the times I've lost my temper..
I'd erase the time when I was practicing a song back in 2nd std,
And got advised, "You can try learning NOT to sing".
I'd erase the times when I was a nut-head about the crush stuff and hated every 'boy' that I met..
I'd erase all the times when I've let my decisions and wishes aside for others' advice..
I'd erase all the times when I gave somebody else more importance than they deserved..
I'd erase the times when I let myself cry for not achieving some things,
the times I was sorry even if I should have accepted myself as I was..
I'd erase all the times when I answered wrongly for just the habit of being right..
Times when I've let my loved ones down..
Times when I lived on hopes that turned out to be delusions..
Times when I did NOT take my aims seriously..
Times when I used to be lonely, quiet, pretending to be stronger than others..
Times I have worried just about myself,times I've actually been selfish..
Times I've lied to someone who's a part of my life..
Times when I depended a lot on my friends and considered them as my possessions..
I'd erase all the times I've been just unlucky enough to pay for it..

Good that I can't actually get a time-turner or an eraser.. otherwise,
It wouldn't have been the same... :)


  1. Whether that life is your own or not, is unanswerable, but it is undeniable that those experiences made you what you're now, every tiny experience contributed, and to undo any of them will only yield something that is not you, and the change may not be for the better.

  2. I agree with the bloke. Looks like you will erase your darkness and then you wont understand the value of light. :)
    Dear girl, the happiness of getting a huge applause can never be felt unless you've fallen flat face-down once in front of the world..
    \m/ Bloom away!

  3. Interesting perspective. I do believe that we learn more from all the wromg steps we take in life rather than the right ones. But like the way you've let out the anguish.

    Good work!