Saturday, April 11, 2009

Imprints Of A Smile 2

There's a moment in Harry Potter(I do relate with that book a there's a lot of HP stuff in the wud-be-added posts :P).Harry discovers the Mirror of Erised and sees himself with his parents...He feels their beaming faces,the love and warmth they radiate...He actually feels it coz that's deep inside his heart,as his honest and deepest 'desire'.The point I want to mention here is..."Harry doesn't want to share that moment with ANYONE,not even his best friend,Ron.It's something that's truely close to his heart..."I feel that Harry must've felt great to have experienced it all alone..Honestly,I do.
My Aajoba(Mum's dad),86,was on complete bedrest,as he had accidently slipped while getting down the stairs at my place.The hospital was near our home,and since it was exam time for their kids,most of the relatives couldn't make it to come over here and help us.So me,having vacations after my 10th exam,had to sit in the hospital with him while mum n dad went home for daily chores.
One evening,when only I was sitting in Ajoba's room,He asked me,"Aaj Ramnavami ahe na,Dattala Haar Ghatlas ka?"(Ajoba worships Datta and there's a temple besides my building.)
That day,was 11th April,my Ajoba's birthday!I was looking at him,the man of principles;Independent;who always had the doors open,inviting anyone who needed help;helped those who loved and hated him;always used to say,"Ice-creame konala pahije?" when we were all together;The one who really 'loved' us;was lying on bed,depending on equipments and treatment,expecting Death...I couldn't control myself.Trying hard to show no signs of tears,I LIED.I said,"Ho,Ghatla haar,Ajoba."And....I won a 'smile' for my lie.A smile of belief.A smile of grattitude.A smile of deep satisfaction.
That smile,I feel it great,is not shared.I feel like I own it.The Memory...I can't classify it as my best or loveliest or happiest memory,but that smile indeed has its imprint.Why I have faith in God is because,a Man,having no hopes for life can smile,because of that Faith!I am lucky to experience that smile!Through that looking glass,It's my Ajoba smiling besides me!:)


  1. Touched me. :) Wonderful indeed. But hey.. would like to argue on that God thing you posted in the last paragraph.. you have faith in Him because we smile in 'faith'? But as you showed, Aajoba smiled because he believed you did do the thing you said you did. Now coming back to us- What is the point in keeping faith just for the sake of it? Why keep faith in that one power when we could make sure whether we should keep faith or not.. (I ain't an Atheist but have a different concept of God. Am spiritual)

  2. See the point is...I've seen Ajoba worshipping(not really like superstition),n in his last few days,he used to say,"He's calling me".Trust me,this may sound stupid to read,but it din't look like that,while actually watching him point at the AC,thinking that it's the window..He din't smile coz I did something he asked me to...He smiled,coz his birthday wish,for his God,was fulfilled.

  3. It is not stupid but it has nothing to do with faith. Even Atheists see a 'tunnel' before dying. Alright he smiled.. but what has this to do with your faith and love for God?