Friday, March 27, 2009

The Imprints Of A Smile 1

In the vacation after IIT JEE'08, I had started going for a walk in the evening as an attempt to be able to wear my 'wishfit's one day. I continued the exercise before I started with First Year Engineering. I used to walk from Ganesh Tower to khadakpada to Durgadi,by the longer way, and back. If in a good mood or having a lot of time to waste (which usually did happen because I love being 'busy doing nothing'!), I used to go to the Gandhari bridge, which is about 3-4km from my home.

One such evening,I remember,in July,I was passing by the Khadakpada circle and it started to rain. I had my umbrella and continued walking..

When I came at Golden Park, I saw a little skinny girl from a poor family (I observed her schoolbag, untidy hair and clothes), rushing back home from school, carrying the heavy schoolbag (What a waste that thing is) and trying to walk from the corners to avoid direct rain. She saw me, and I smiled, dunno why.. She smiled back, and as it sounded, she did not know why she smiled either. Through that gesture, I think an invisible, indecipherable connection is set up between the sender and the receiver. Yet, she didn't ask me to share my umbrella. I thought, how often do we hesitate to ask for help. And then I thought, how often do we hesitate 'to help'!

I made my mind and offered her to share my umbrella and went with her, leaving my way aside. She was conscious all the way. When she reached her place and saw her mother waiting for her to return at the door, she ran to her with a grin and relief. She then turned back, looked at me, and Smiled! That was the smile I can never forget. It had gratitude and a simple-neutral kind of attachment. She needn't thank me at all. I had understood. It was 'The moment of dawn' (reference story: ) for me. God, the rain washes away the boundaries of comfort zone sometimes, doesn't it? :)

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