Monday, March 16, 2009


Triveni,I am!
I love the way I am.
I'm all extremes..
I love to do whatever I feel to,and I like to be busy.Whether it be a simple task for alumina,volunteering for IEEE,typing for the Wall or Enjoying the Time with Kalaraag group,I'll be there.
I don't know My deepest desire yet.One reason for that may be that I take this word "Deepest" too seriously.
I have attitude and arrogance,yes,but I'm working on it.
I talk a lot,yes,can talk on a wrong number call for half an hour without topic(No kidding).
I believe in the signs,though m not quite superstitious.I get a feeling of understanding the language of Universe,when I'm accompanied by nature(Had I not read The Alchemist,this sentence would still have been a point to make).
I trust in myself,but I never stick to my decisions(That's a statement out of experience,no kidding).some of the changed decisions include changing the subjects,branches,batches,classes and projects...The decisions were changed for no better reason than,"I felt positive to do so"!Weird,I am.
When I need to be strong,I can.When I am emotional,I do try not to cry...I want everyone to have me imaged as an influencial and strong girl...
I never was in a serious relationship,which is why I can see every other boy,without a bias,as a new person.And I don't feel the butterflies n my stomach everytime I see a boy...Standards matter!
I like to see smiling faces...And there are a number of unknown smiles,whose imprints can never fade off from my mind.They're as clear as the first drop of rain...even if it dies in a vapour,It never actually dies,It's still the first drop of rain!
I have never before tried writing so much about "me",and now I come to realise,there's so much I still want to write..
I've started writing poems again,the two of the newest are being claimed to be good by the close ones!
I hate people who forget their duties for convinience.
I hate cricket,and people who discuss it,annoy me the most.
I love watching movies,the "really" good ones.And most of them are romantic commedies...Though I'm not "the girl next door" kind.
I like to read books,and books and movies affect me and my outlook.
I'm good at drawing,wish hadn't left dance classes for 10th...Acting is tough,and had to learn the girly walk and "Isshya" thing when I had my first go at it.well,I went well!
I am the rare species who are found to be straight forward,no matter what'd be the consequences.
I BELIEVE in myself,and that I'd never be complete without all those friends,who're making a difference in my life.
I've EVOLVED,from a fat "Smash'm up" girl with braces to an average built,still "smash'm up" girl with lined teeth ,(I love my smile) and I'm enjoying the METAMORPHOSIS,heartily!The irony is,I loved how I looked before coming to RAIT,and the NEW me,both

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