Monday, March 16, 2009

The Incomplete Story

A kid smiling, crying and laughing
Has just learnt how to walk,
Her parents reflect happiness
As they admire her eyes talk.

She has been a good girl all her life
But parents’ wishes now seem heavy,
She decides to trace her path on her own
Being the Director of the movie.

She’s now ready to follow Her Heart
To meet Success with flying colours,
Her flight has ups and downs, and she might
Never be among the Winners.

“You can’t walk two roads at a time”,
Her Dad loves to say.
She’s promised her Life with spark in her eyes,
“I’ll prove him wrong someday.”

She works a lot, and keeps herself busy
With style, attitude and zest,
She knows her Aim, The Name of Happiness
And that there’s no time to rest.

Now that she has few doubts and defeats,
And she knows she has to think otherwise.
It’s the Pilgrimage, that’s more important
And someday, she’s gonna see The Sunrise.

And she has friends by her side throughout the journey
To reach A Beautiful End,
The journey is itself so beautiful
Whilst smiles and tears are shared with A Friend.

And once she sees the Brightest Eyes
With depth that makes her breath fragile,
And they have the strength to challenge the wind
She adores that sweetest Smile.

She thinks of Him and makes her mind
To ask him for love in return,
And then she hears a ‘NO’ in her head,
And changes one more of her decision.

‘Once upon a time’ can happen anytime
Even she can be asked for love;
Tomorrow may blossom into pink flowers
An experience that’ll thrill her nerve.

She may or may not reach the place she deserves,
But she’ll face whatever It can cost;
To test herself, to beat herself,
And to know that she’s never lost.

And then she’ll face the final End
At the very climax scene;
She’ll embrace the Death, looking straight into her eyes
Flashing the widest ever grin.

It won’t be a sorrow, nor a pain
To feel that shining Glory;
It’ll rather be a satisfaction to see
The End of an Incomplete Story!