Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Stuck for 10 days at home, I've learnt the following lessons:

1. My family loves me. Like, in a 'I'll never know if I'll be able to love my children/sibling this much' way. They've bloody catered to all my needs and wills during the days of my bed-rest so readily. Be it dad visiting in the hospital every time he took off from home for court/office, be it for bringing food, for closing the door innumerable times, shooing the pigeons away, for reminding me to eat, posting my saline-connected pictures on WhatsApp groups.. et cetera.

2. I've observed their complaints downsize as the 12 hours + rest time has induced timely sleeping pattern in me. May be a grown person staying at home doing nothing but watch her/his favourite sitcom is a pain to the eyes of any normal spectator, thus occasional advice like "Purrey ata laptop, doka kunacha dukhata..(Enough with the laptop, whose head starts hurting later..)" has to be selectively filtered by my head.

3. Never get filthy roommates. You'll have ill experiences, so sick, you'll suffer the consequences even after 10 months of moving out from the house. And this time, your pocket will cry as they're still not returning your deposit money!

4. I can dream even under sleeping pill's spell. Today I dreamed of an itchy black cat and advising the owner to get her medication to get rid of the intestinal parasites. Most of the times, my dreams don't make sense, but when they do they're irrelevant.

5. Suspicious activity has been observed on this blog. I'm getting a hundred + views everyday 90% from FireBird & FireFox browser, North and South Amurikka.

6. I will never be watching a horror movie again. But I'm going to complete The Shining e-book before TOEFL.

7. My ex-employer surprised me with crediting a 'Whoa!' amount in my account this Sept, as 'Salary for the month of September'. I gotta call the HR!

8. The only Ganpati I could visit this time was at Chaitu's place. But had super fun meeting all my girlfriends after so long.


9. Teaching facebook to parents is a task I've classified as 'necessary evil'.

10. I have to write a complete article on the last trek to earn some money for the next one. Also, I have to plan a one-day trek for the ex-work friends on 5th October. Ending the post here.

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