Tuesday, August 9, 2011

'Pakna-Pakana' Recipes Episode#1

Note: The Pakna-Pakana show has no hosts to interrupt the chef with his/her questions and comments ( which are worth age 8- (actually, humans below age 8 make more sense, hence the nested bracket.) ) and occasional "Ummm"s - "Yumm"s.

Today's Recipe: Got the keys??!!!


1 Court (brought from Kalyan or Ulhasnagar only), 1 Mech-class made in Dombivli; 1 passport office; 3 apartments; 2 set of keys(of one of them); 1 dad; 1 evil sister; 2 sane ladies; 1 Aaji (without hearing aid); 2 neighbours; Clothes, bags, accessories, cellphones and regular stuff for dressing.


1. Take an apartment and stuff all the ingredients in it. Put the two neighbours in an apartment each.

2. Get all the ingredients washed clean and add suitable dressing.

3. Take the dad and put 1 of the keys inside his pocket.

4. Take the evil sister and put one of the keys inside her bag.

5. Now follow the instructions time-wise:

a) 10:00 am : Put the two sane ladies inside the passport office. Make sure that the office is 40KMs away from the apartment. Put the passport office inside an oven at 300 degrees for 3 hours till the saneness is completely lost.

b) 11:30 am : Keep the dad inside the court to get cooked well for 5 hours.

c) 12:15 pm : Take the evil sister out from the apartment and lock the door.

d) 1:00 pm : Put the evil sister's cellphone switched off. Add a lot of evil sister to the mech-class and stirr well for at least 5 hours.

6. Now, Bring back the ladies at home and mix them with the neighbours well, till they find no spare keys inside neighbours' apartments.

7. Using the cellphones, call the dad and the apartment number 23 times each.

8. Make sure that the Aaji sits on the sofa watching TV serials on mute and does not look at the window.

9. Using the ladies, throw rocks at and through the window.

10. Do not let the Aaji pay attenton to the rocks and phone sounds.

11. Using a stick borrowed from one of the neighbours, hammer the window till the Aaji understands what is happening.

12. Make the aaji open the door and stuff the ladies inside only if their faces look like they're smashed well.

13. Allow the dad and the evil sister to enter the apartment after sometime. Let all the ingredients be together and say, "Whose fault?"

The "Got the keys??!!" episode of Friends season 1 is ready to be served! :D

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