Sunday, July 31, 2011

The '2' of my Speed dial.. :)

Well, the note is a patches waala poem. Still, Pata hai, bina tag kiye bhi sab jaan jaoge, for whom all it's been written.. For the good times and the bad, and the fun and the MAD, and for the times which are just expressed as 'nothing'.. :)

If I'm at the top of Empire State Building
Waiting in the spirits of my real dream
All my life held in the moment to see my hopes come true..
and if my  Nickie  doesn't show up..
The one I'm gonna call up and cry to
and say I wish you were here right now right now..
It'd be you.. tarraturuu..

Climbing and climbing from 3 days an' night straight
and now that I see that I'll be just at the summit
All my hunger and thirst has left me
but there's still someone I need right here to be!
To break the toasts of our feat
and to scream out loud
a face as happy as me
no wonder just as crazy..
It'd be you.. tarraturuu..

At the college staircase, I come and sit
I got nothing to do, all assignments complete
All that I have in mind is just blank and blank
Tying and untying shoelaces to pass my time..
That's when I pick up my phone and I don't need no contacts
coz you're my '2 on speed dial', or the 1st in recents
and then I call u up and ask if u're free
and keep talking and talking, and talking constantly..
(where the hell did those blanks go anyway, I don't now know!)
and then I end up cursing our networks again
'cause the balance runs out and am still talking insane
and the one I'd neva eva wanna stop chatting to..
It'd be you.. taraturuu...

You know I imagine myself and a boggart ahead
the moment it sees me it transforms itself
and it turns into you and glares at me
and says go away and don't ever talk to me!
Laughs and cries that we had gather in my mind..
whatever be the matter, you were always by my side!
I just can't move, the world has stopped to exist
this silence kills the magic where we used to fit in..
I can take screams and shouts and even a fight
but I can't stay calm, alone at this hour of night..
The one who's torn I know as bad as me..
it'd be you.. tarraturuu...

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